Knowledge Management

Project Title:  Quilt Show Volunteer Information
Knowledge Management
Created: December 2010 

Challenge:  To manage the knowledge in a volunteer organization.
In the past:  All event information was shared verbally.


  • Gathered historical information from subject matter experts
  • Organized information into categories
  • Created documents with event information for each year
  • Organized job description documents for each volunteer committee
  • Created an easy-to-use format for volunteer users
  • Format fit the technology needs of the users and the organization

Click Here to open the PDF portfolio and see how I organized event information and volunteer job descriptions into an easy-to-use format.  This is a small sample of the project.  There were 30 documents total that volunteers needed access to each year.  This sample includes 8 of the 30 documents that helped to make the event a success.

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