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Apps for teaching, learning, work and having fun

This is the course Home Page
Apps have taken over our world.  We use apps on our free time, during our work time and for educational experiences  This course will introduce you to apps you can use and give you the opportunity to share your favorite apps so we can learn from each other.

Getting Started
Things you need to do before beginning this course.



This course is 7 weeks in length.
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Week 1
Why are you here?
Explore your strengths, values
and experiences


Week 2  (this section is under construction)
What are apps?
Where can I find apps?
How can I use apps?


Week 3  (this section is under construction)
Apps for teaching and learning



Week 4  (this section is under construction)
Apps for work



Week 5
Do your own thing



Week 6  (this section is under construction)
Apps for having fun



Week 7
App fest! :  share your favorite app(s)



Our favorite apps

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