Getting Started

Getting Started

There are a few things you need to do before beginning this course.  You will need a Google email address and access to these apps on your Google drive:

  • Google Docs (for your personal journal)
  • MindMup (for collaboration exercises)

You can view all the Google documents we’ll use in the course by clicking HERE.  I’ll direct you to each document when needed.

Step 1:  Create a journal using Google Docs

  1. Create Google Docs document
  2. Title your document [your name] Journal
  3. Share your journal with me (for grading purposes.)

Your journal will not be shared with the class.  Click HERE to download a journal template.  Your journal does not need to look like this one.  This is a great opportunity to consider your strengths and values and create a unique journal for you.  The template is for those of you who want to begin with a workbook format.  For now, all you need is a titled doc ready to fill with information.


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