Week 5: Do your own thing

Week 5:  Do your own thing

It’s  week number 5 of 7.  It’s time to branch out on your own to do your own thing!  Your job this week is to:

  • Find 5 apps that you think look cool or interesting.  List them in your journal.
  • Choose 1 of those 5 apps and become an expert.  During our last week, you will share your app with the class.

Answer these questions about your favorite app:

  • What is the name of the app?
  • Who developed this app?  (Name of company or individual)
  • Where can this app be found on the web?  (Add a hyperlink to the page)
  • Why is this app useful?  What can it do?
  • Demonstrate this app using any digital format that can be shared with the class
    • You tube video
    • Screen capture
    • Job aid using screen shots created in a word processing program



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